School of the french hunting horn

Learn to play hunting horn


Anyone can make a hunting horn sound, and even play a few notes, or have a go at playing some fanfare snippets. It’s enough to take a deep breath, puff up the lungs while drawing up the shoulders, then blow strong while pressing your lips against the mouthpiece while your cheeks are fully inflated. Encouraged by such fast results, one might believe having “cracked it” straight away, and thinking it would suffice to continue in this manner to master it. Actually, this is just an illusion; and it’s quite impossible to make much progress with such a “criminal approach.”

In fact, what little progress might make at first will swiftly fade away, and eventually doubt and feelings of disappointment might creep up on one, only to be contained by one’s secret hopes for a miracle. Some give up at this point, thinking they cannot get out of this rut; others achieve fleeting success by persevering, but never actually realising their full potential. Indeed, playing the hunting horn is a truly difficult task as long as the above method is applied. However, it can become a tremendous source of satisfaction if one takes the time to truly learn to master it.

It all depends on a gradual process of harnessing all the necessary elements that allow for playing a fanfare. The House of Hunting and Nature, located in Paris, trains a great number of players, some of whom have a background in hunting with hounds. Yannick Bureau leads several musical groups.

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