Learn to sound the hunting horn

Anyone can make sounds from a trunk, and even make multiple notes or play a fanfare snippet. Just take a deep breath while bulging your chest and lifting your shoulders, then blow hard, pressing the mouthpiece to your lips as your cheeks swell. Encouraged by such rapid results, we think we have found the “trick” by thinking that it will be enough to continue similar efforts to get there. In reality it is a decoy, because we will never get very far with such a “diabolical method”.
Indeed, the meager progress will quickly give way to doubt and then to disappointment, minimized by the secret hope that a miracle will eventually occur. Some will give it up, many will never get out of this rut, some will succeed at the cost of relentless efforts without fully realizing their ambitions. Yes, the trunk is a really difficult instrument when approached in this way! But it very quickly provides great satisfaction if you learn to control it … instead of letting yourself be controlled by it.
Everything relies on a progressive control of the elements necessary to be able to sound a marching band. The Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature is home to the Perinet academy in Paris, which trains many bell-ringers, whether or not they are fans of Hunting. Yannick Bureau provides musical support to several groups.